Project Dignity Spring 2018


Project Dignity Spring 2018 was a success. New underwear, socks, rain ponchos, wipes, and other necessities may seem like basic necessities to most but to some they are luxuries.

Thanks to the very generous contributions from our amazing supporters, we exceeded our goal and distributed basic necessity care packages to OVER 100 chronic unsheltered homeless individuals on the streets of Atlanta in a single night. 

There are no words to adequately describe the experience. We were once again so touched by the individuals we are so honored to serve. 

Distribution started under the bridge where this mission began 3 years ago and remains a reminder why we began and why we continue.

Here are a few pictures captured from our team on distribution night.

And again, HUGE thank you to everyone who so generously contributed to make this happen. Our reach would be very limited with you. <3