Community Impact

Community Impact

Awareness of the Issues

We cannot begin to remedy the issues until we are aware of the problem. For those who are homeless, the struggle very real. Could you possibly image the daily challenges of feeling alone… disowned and shunned by society?

In January of 2015, there were at least 13,790 people who were homeless in Georgia. Nearly 7,000 of those people were homeless in Metro Atlanta.

16% are chronically homeless, meaning that they have been homeless for a year or longer.

12% are veterans and 18% are children under the age of 18. Children and veterans… let that sink in for a minute.

42% of the state’s homeless population is unsheltered, living in parks, abandoned buildings, encampments, and under bridges.

Mental illness, substance abuse, developmental disabilities, and criminal backgrounds are the prevailing reasons many of these people never reach emergency shelter or transitional housing.

A large segment of the homeless community is disengaged from society and no longer accessing services through the traditional means of local community agencies.

Our mission is to provide some semblance of hope in the people we serve while working to restore a sense of dignity by providing them with the basic necessities needed to live and survive while residing on the streets.